Why your ISA is failing - And What to do About it

It’s the #1 question I get from Agents and Team Leaders that have Inside Sales Agents on their teams and that aren’t meeting their expectations: Why is my ISA failing?


On most Real Estate teams ISA’s are salaried employees, so an inability to generate solid leads, land attended appointments and get closed deals can quickly generate frustration from the boss.

By Gustavo Munoz   |     October 18, 2018     |       CEO Insights

1. Expectations are not clear


It’s easy to leave your ISA in a room and hope they come out with tons of appointments, but that’s not gonna get it done. Your ISA needs daily goals for number of dials, number of contacts and number of conversions (nurtures and appointments). You need to review their goals with them every day, these leading indicators will tell you right away if your ISA will be successful in the future.

2. Expectations are not realistic

It’s typical for Team Leaders to have an idea that all ISA’s should produce X amount of appointments a day; if not, they’re not meeting expectations. 

One thing they can be totally missing is a very basic question: what is your ISA calling? What’s the expected conversion rate of that lead source? It’s very reasonable to expect your ISA to generate 1-2 appointments per day if they’re calling inbound leads from a portal like Zillow.com or Realtor.com or recent Expireds and FSBO’s but it’s definitely not if they’re doing Circle Prospecting. Each lead source converts at a very different rate and you need to take that into account and set realistic goals.



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3. ISA'S lack feedback

Its one thing to point your ISA at some scripts and YouTube videos and quite another to actually train them. Most agents unfortunately rely too much on the former. ISA’s need more than just Expired and FSBO scripts, they need coaching and feedback. At PowerISA we have staff trainers and external coaches to help us with the toughest scripts. We also have a dedicated Quality Assurance Team that reviews calls and feedback from agents to make sure our ISA’s are doing their job at the highest level. Getting daily feedback on what they’re doing right and wrong is the difference between having a high performing ISA or a failing one.

4. You've hired the wrong person

Even if your expectations are realistic, your training is on point and your feedback is constant and high quality, if you don’t have the right person in the seat, its all going to go to waste. Looking for the right behaviors when recruiting and having enough recruiting leads to find the right candidates are key. At PowerISA we do everything from newspaper ads, to radio commercials to Facebook and online job postings. We’re always looking for talented people because we know that all other things being equal, it’s what will make the difference between a great ISA and a failing one.

With all the conversations I’ve had with Agents and Team Leaders on ISA performance in the past, I’ve come to realize that many times the solution to figuring out why an ISA is failing is pretty simple: clear and realistic goals and the coaching to achieve them. Instead of dwelling on why your ISA is failing or doing less than some other ISA on another team, spend some time analyzing what’s working and not working in your market and your lead sources. You might just be surprised.


When you feel you´re ready to take the next step, make sure to contact us here at PowerISA. We have the best ISA practices and training, a team of over 60 ISA´s, a Quality Assurance team, a Client Success team and a Coaching team. Reach out today, and let’s start a conversation about what strategies we have to support your Real Estate business and get you more closings!


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Gustavo Munoz


Founder & CEO of PowerISA, an Inside Sales Agent for Real Estate firm, as well as SpeedtoLead, a Platform for lead conversion with email, text and human calls. My mission is to get our clients the platforms and services to leverage their professional skills and help them avoid being burn out by lead follow up.


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