Welcome to our Call Center Recruiting Page!

Please record yourself (video or audio) reading the below script and send it to admin@powerisa.com along with your name and phone number so we can contact you. Try doing it in a relaxed and normal tone of voice.


Test Script


Hi, this is ____________ with the Ferrick Commercial Group in downtown Bellevue.  We specialize in land for development and have multiple buyers looking for properties to develop like yours. 


What is your goal for the asset?


Currently the market is hot however development assets are cooling down since we have had so much growth so it’s critical to know value and options. 


We’d love to offer you a complimentary market and asset update to help you meet your short term and long term goals. Would that interest you?


What’s the best email address to send you our information?


If you’d like, we can meet at our office on Tuesday or Thursday anytime between 2-6pm if that works. 


When is the best time for us to follow-up with you to give you a more detailed analysis?



Thank you, have a great day!



End of Script