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PowerISA: Build Your ISA Training Program!



Build Your ISA Training Program


Need to hire your very first ISA?

Want to grow your existing team with Virtual ISA’s?


Join our brand new 6-week intensive training program where we go over ALL aspects of getting an ISA ready to join your team and have great results at a cost of $4-$6 dlls/hr for you:


Preparing your database and lead sources for your ISA

  1. Best lead sources we recommend (Expireds, FSBO, Circle Prospecting)
  2. Dialing systems, phone numbers, headset, etc
  3. Creating SOPs for your ISA
  4. Preparing your CRM for Lead Management


  1. Job ads we use
  2. Job description and offer
  3. Typical salary/compensation
  4. Interview process for success
  5. Payment logistics for virtual ISA’s

Onboarding and Training 

  1. Real Estate 101
  2. Our best scripts
  3. How to conduct roleplay
  4. Feedback workshop
  5. Sample calls

Ongoing Training 

  1. Daily status reports
  2. Call auditing/monitoring
  3. Team building and culture
  4. Retention and bonuses



You get access to Gustavo himself, founder and CEO of PowerISA on weekly calls and also to our QA (Quality assurance team) CSM (Client Success Managers), Supervisor, Coches and more. We basically give you the systems and processes we used to build a 100-person ISA team.

You also get access to a private Facebook Group with course students and instructors to help mastermind and brainstorm as you develop your own ISA team.


Typically it takes a 6-month commitment of $13,000-$14000 dlls to get a full time ISA hired with $2000-$3000 recurring monthly.  We’re pricing the Build Your ISA Program at $5000 one-time with your ISA costing only a fraction of the typical recurring monthly cost.


Beta pricing is $2500 for the first members exclusively until our first 10 spots fill up!