7 Ways An ISA Can Boost Your Facebook Conversion

Facebook is exploding across the Real Estate Leadgen world. Thanks to competitive cost, abundance and ability to hyper-target audiences.

By Gustavo Munoz   |     October 18, 2018     |       CEO Insights

Facebook leads are becoming a huge part of every Real Estate team’s lead sources. Here at PowerISA we’ve become Facebook specialists and are currently converting 14.22% of incoming Facebook leads to appointment, this is huge! Here are 7 ways an ISA can help you convert Facebook leads at a high level.

1. Speed is the Name of the Game


 For inbound internet leads, speed is the name of the game. You need to be first and need to be fast. Most Real Estate agents don’t have the time or patience to be available whenever a new Facebook lead comes in.

We all know that the first call needs to come within 5 minutes but what if it needs to come within 30 seconds? The only way to achieve this is with a dedicated Inside Sales Agent that is waiting and ready to make the call, send the text and email.


2. Persistence & Multiple Touches

The first call is super important, but so is the second, third, fourth and so on.


To maximize your conversion of Facebook leads, you can’t stop at the first touch like most Agents, you need to be persistent and make multiple touches. Our Speed to Lead service makes up to 15 touches (an industry best) within two weeks to help you be persistent and convert more Facebook leads. 

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3. Real Human Responses: Calls, Emails, Texts



There are lots of software products out there to help respond to inbound leads but they don’t always say the right thing at the right time. Savvy consumers can tell right away when they’re talking to a bot and it can be a turn off for many clients. At PowerISA, we never respond to a lead by using a bot, we always use real human touches and use all the information at our disposal to connect with the person,  present your value proposition and close for the appointment.

4. Nurture to Appointments



Even though we convert a high number of inbound leads to appointment right away, there is a huge chunk that need to be nurtured longer term. Most agents are going to  lose track of these leads or maybe call them within 6 months and find out they just bought a home with someone else! Don’t be that agent.

Your ISA can help with long term nurturing. They’re the ones in charge of checking in, asking how things are going, offering something of value and confirming their timeline to see if anything has changed. ISA’s should hand off appointments to you and handle all the long term nurturing.

5. Use Different Channels


Some people prefer text. Others still want calls. Some even prefer to respond to emails. Whatever your inbound leads want, no problem, you should be using it. Figure out what’s their preferred method of communication and use it.

The secret is to use these resources together to get maximum impact.

Your ISA should have all these tools at their disposal and be using them constantly. For our Speed to Lead service, we use a lead response platform to make this happen and not miss a single touch.


6. Focus to Convert


The more you do something, the better you’re going to be at it right? Our Speed to Lead service is about 90% dedicated to Facebook leads. We live and breath Facebook leads and how to convert them. Our focus on overachieving in converting Facebook leads pays off in a higher conversion rate.

Whether they come from a property specific ad, an offer for a free market analysis, a saved search or an offer to provide off-market properties, we work hard to understand the client’s needs and hook them into sitting down with you and getting their needs met. 

7. Come from Contribution


Let’s be honest. Your Facebook leads don’t want to meet with you. Attend an appointment with a Realtor? Who has the time? Just asking for an appointment won’t get you anywhere in most cases.

You need to come from contribution and offer Facebook leads something of value. Your ISA needs to know what your key value proposition is and how that can solve the problems of your Facebook leads. Want to know what great financing options are out there? Want access to off-market properties? A great rebate/offer/guarantee? Suddenly the lead’s calendar opens up and they’re willing to meet.

They don’t want to meet with you, they want to solve their problem. They have time for that. Our Speed to Lead team always has your Value Proposition front and center and they use it to set more appointments.


Each of these steps on its own will help you or your ISA convert more Facebook leads. If you use all of them you can convert 14.22% or even better to appointment. If you nurture them long term, that conversion rate will only climb. At PowerISA we are experts at Facebook Conversion. We have figured out the most efficient way to convert them to clients. We put our expertise at your service, so you can get more deals.


When you feel you're ready to take the next step, make sure to contact us here at PowerISA. We have the best ISA practices and training, a team of over 60 ISA´s, a Quality Assurance team, a Client Success team and a Coaching team. Reach out today, and let’s start a conversation about what strategies we have to support your Real Estate business and get you more closings!


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Gustavo Munoz


Founder & CEO of PowerISA, a Done-For-You ISA company for Real Estate, as well as Speed To Lead, a Platform for lead conversion with email, text and human calls. My mission is to get our clients the platforms and services to leverage their professional skills and help them avoid being burned out by cold calling and lead follow up.


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