PowerISA vs Agentology

Hey folks, we normally don’t talk about our competition, but we had to make an exception to set the record straight. Agentology is a huge player in the Lead Qualification world, and they recently published a “comparison” of our company vs theirs. Only problem is that its pretty much all wrong. Check it out:


Source: https://www.agentology.com/compare/powerisa/


It claims PowerISA doesn’t even provide phone calls for our service? No Live Transfers? No CRM Activity Sync? No Custom Scripts? We also have a 100% Native English-speaking team. I think Agentology needs to do their homework on PowerISA and our own lead response service Speed To Lead. We provide all of those items. 


Here are the facts:


Live Transfer. We can do Live Transfer for all of our campaigns (inbound and outbound). This can be an effective way to make a stronger hand-off to agents and close for those appointments.


Phone Calls. Of course we make phone calls. There is a headset on our logo, come on Agentology, that's just being lazy.


100% Native English Speakers. Our Call Center is located in Mexico and we staff our team with 100% Native English Speakers that grew up in the USA. Contact us here and we'll share some recordings so you can decide.


Custom Scripts. This is an odd one. Our Speed to Lead service offers this for Facebook leads. This is key to getting great conversion rates. We definitely have it. 


24/7/365. Same as Agentology, we can call any US Time Zone from 8am-8pm local time and we can do texting and emailing before or after those hours. Anytime we get a lead 24/7/365 they will get a response from us.


Reporting. We provide our clients with on-demand performance reports as well as weekly status and monthly conversion reports.


CRM Activity Sync. We integrate the best with Follow-Up Boss and LionDesk, but can add leads to many other CRM's across the board.


CRM Leads/Sources. This was marked as NA on their comparison. Let us fill in the blank. We haven't found a single CRM or Lead Source that we can't connect to.


Here are some items that Agentology left off the list because they don't offer them and PowerISA does:


Real Long-Term Nurture. We have both Dedicated ISA's and Speed to Lead plans that do long term nurturing with more than just text messages. We actually do calls. Calls+text will always get you more converted leads.


More Calls. We are call-intensive and do calls for ALL of our leads. This is a huge strength and competitive advantage.


Pay as You Go Pricing. No upfront fees. No monthly buckets. Only pay for what you use, it's that simple. Check out Speed to Lead to try it out.


Here is an even more interesting comparison, the costs of PowerISA vs other competitors (data from October 2018):



We are the ONLY truly Pay as you Go option for Lead response out there. No one else offers this in Real Estate.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying:


"Speed to Lead is awesome, they make more phone calls and work harder than anyone else!"

Sunset Agarwal, Owner and Team Leader, Big Block Realty Sacramento


"We’ve been using speed to lead for our team and the results have been amazing! They’ve been setting appointments and assigning leads to our team and we couldn’t be happier with the results." 


Kevin Markarian, Broker, Marker Real Estate


“Power ISA changes my life!”  Speed to Lead ISA makes my life stressless.  It calls all of the new leads instantly and follows up the leads until 20 touches. So, I don’t have to worry about calling the leads. I do my work selling houses.



Tahmid Ahmed , Owner Team Tahmid,  Hamilton, Ontario

That's all for this post, thanks for reading, we just thought we’d set the record straight. Agentology, you’re better than this.