Hiring a Bilingual ISA

Serve ALL of your Leads. Be sure your entire Team speaks both languages.

There are over 40 Million+ Native Spanish Speakers living in the United States, and in some Real Estate markets they represent over 50% of the population! If you are a Real Estate agent or Team hat services Hispanic communities with a high percentage of Native Spanish Speakers then you're in luck because PowerISA has Bilingual ISA's that are Native in both English and Spanish.

What's the advantage of Bilingual ISA's?

Having a multilingual Team has many advantages, the most important being:

1. Serve the entire market. Having your ISA's speak another language ensures that no lead goes untouched. If you do business in a very diverse market, this can be a huge edge. In some markets like California, Native Spanish Speakers can be up to 50% of some areas.

2. Your team reflects the marketplace. If you live in a highly diverse market, having your team reflect that can be a huge advantage, especially when there are a high number of Native Speakers of a foreign language. First generation immigrants can build rapport much faster and build long lasting relationships with Teams that speak their language.

3. Unfair advantage. With bilingual ISA's, your team can have a huge unfair advantage over others that can struggle to communicate with new clients and leads. Make a quick connection, build rapport and close for the appointment all without getting lost in translation.

4. Access to the network. Native Speakers of a different language tend to have tight-knit communities that they are in contact with. If you and your team are known for speaking their language and providing superior service, you will get contacted by this network a lot! It's one of the keys to building a great referral base for your business.


For these and many other advantages, definitely consider an Bilingual ISA and be prepared to serve your entire market.