Get 4 Fully Trained Teams added to your Real Estate Team: ISA Team, Quality Assurance Team, Client Success Team & Coaching Team.

Let us to do the work for you so you can close more deals!

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Maximum Leverage

We have over 60 Real Estate Inside Sales Agents in our Call Center working for Teams all across the country. All trained and supervised by a Licensed Real Estate Broker and our Team of Internal and External ISA Coaches and Trainers. We do the hiring, training, managing, work on cold calling scripts, objection handling and conversion to appointment. 

Get the Reliability

Dedicated ISA

You get your own Dedicated ISA for your Team. They build expertise in your Area, your Market and Value Proposition to help Boost Conversions.

Remove all barriers

Cold Calling Experts

Our Outbound ISA's are skilled at making True Cold Calls and can do this on a consistent basis, so you don't have to.

Peace of Mind

Lead Management

Your Lead Manager ISA works inside your CRM to make sure all the leads are contacted, qualified, nurtured and converted to appointments. They help keep your system organized and your team getting results. 

Your potential growing real-time

Onboarding Process

Our Client Success Team is with you to help Onboard and Launch your Campaign and to keep in touch as the Campaign progresses. 

Your winning strategy

Coaching and Training

We have staff coaches and external nationally recognized coaches that help train our ISA's and keep them performing at their best. 

In-house Hire? In-house Problem

Thinking about hiring an in-house ISA? Many companies are reluctant to invest energy, time and money into finding, hiring and training a new ISA employee. Some have trained their in-house competitors.


We can help you stop micromanaging new hires! Your ISA and Support Teams are fully trained and well versed in the art to sell. You get a team of ISA's, not just one individual that can have a bad day. We offer constant engagement. We service the leads!

Powerful Real Estate Prospecting

  • Professional Campaigns done for you: 
    • Circle Prospecting
    • Expireds and FSBO's
    • Investors
    • Recruiting
    • Lead Nurturing
  • We do the calling so you can focus on closing! We are the ideal solution to expand Outbound Prospecting for Real Estate Agents and Teams. Our Real Estate ISA's (Inside Sales Agents) focus on calling all day every day to help you find motivated buyers and sellers. 
  • We focus on finding clients before they go on the market. Our team brings professionalism, experience, and a methodical approach to the table.
  • We provide the systems to grow a pipeline of leads for the success of our clients.
  •  PowerISA is the source of cost-effective telemarketing services for the Real Estate Industry.

Instant Response for Inbound Leads

According to the Harvard Business Review, if you call an online lead within 5 minutes you are 100X more likely to contact them than if you wait only 30 minutes. The average response time for Real Estate agents is 4.5 hrs, and 50% of all inquiries (email, call and text) go unanswered.

We can do a better job as an industry with the help of Inbound ISA's. With dedicated people on our Team managing your Inbound Leads, qualifying and setting appointments and meeting and exceeding the 5-minute goal, you will get more bang for your buck. The money is in the follow-up!

We don't limit the amount of touches we will do for your inbound leads, let us customize a follow-up plan for your business, even with leads older than 30 days.

Your accountability resource

Direct to Calendar

We book appointments and showings directly onto your calendar (Google, Outlook, iOS, etc.).  

Your business growing Real Time

Live Transfers

Whether it's you or your Preferred Lender, we make sure you get connected to only the hottest leads right away. 

Your dream rewards

Instant Notifications

Get Instant Texts and Emails whenever we book an appointment for you.   

Fuel for your skills 

Dedicated Success Manager

Every campaign gets its own dedicated Client Success Manager to help onboard, manage and sustain Campagin Performance. 

Your leads get moving

Daily Accountability

We send you a daily report with all of your ISA's activities. An overall Progress Report for your Campaign is available always  on-demand. 

Let's call the Pros

Best Practices

Whether you're looking for more Listings, Buyers or Investment Opportunities. We share National Best Practices with you to help you get the most out of Your Specific Campaign. 

Your Community, all the Leads 

Bilingual ISA's

If you need it, we have ISA's that are 100% Bilingual in English and Spanish. This will greatly increase your conversion rate. 

Your constant leverage

Native English Speakers

All of our ISA's are Native English Speakers. Things won't get lost in translation, you won't lose leads due to misunderstandings or get low quality appointments. Our ISA's have lived and worked in the US and will put that knowledge to work for you. . 

Your Social Media Conversion Experts 

Facebook Specialists

We have a 14.22% Conversion Rate to Appointment for Facebook Leads. We also do the Nurturing to Build the Relationship and Convert the rest of them throughout the year and fill your Pipeline.  

Value Proposition

For the Industry

  • Native English speakers - we convert 2X more than overseas VA companies!
  • Supervised and trained by a Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • DNC and TCPA Audited and Compliant


For Individual Agents

  • Leverage your lead generation activities
  • Find Buyers and Sellers before anybody
  • Build a pipeline of Listings and Offers
  • Instantly Respond and Convert inbound leads


For Teams

  • Lead Generation is focused and consistent
  • Increased Agent Retention and Growth
  • Solid Client Base Growth